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We help our clients pursue collegiate level athletics and use their excellence in sport to get them into colleges of their choice with the opportunity to receive scholarships.

Our mentors provide guidance on various aspects of each sport including: technical skills, physical fitness, and mental which is tailored specifically to each Student-Athlete’s needs in order for them to excel in their respective sports.

A curated action plan designed for all athletes – those who want to improve their athletic performance as well as those who want to achieve the optimum academic and athletic standard for US college scholarships and admissions.

We organize junior golf and tennis tours, as well as college-recruiting seminars to increase the education of U.S. college athletics in Asia.

- College Recruitment -
Armaan is joining UC Berkeley ,and we are very happy as it was our first choice, We were very happy to use AddedSport as they know the process of athlete recruitment and are able to guide the athlete and parents towards their goal. Their relationship with college coaches works very well, and it is very important to get to know them, as the coaches are going to guide the kids when they are far away from home. We will definitely recommend  AddedSport to others using the sports factor to secure admissions in US colleges, as it makes the journey very positive and successful. All the best to AddedSport!
Mr. and Mrs. Anand
( Golf )
- Player Development & Mentoring -
We are very happy to have the AddedSport team working with our son in pursuing his dream of a sporting career. They have given him direction, focus, and a clear plan for achieving his goals. We feel confident knowing our son is in excellent hands with true professionals who not only guide him in all areas of his development, but also genuinely care about his welfare and helping him turn his dreams into a reality.
Mr. and Mrs. Hall
( Tennis )
- College Recruitment -
Arnav is attending Haverford College in Philadelphia. AddedSport was a huge help to us – we were quite clueless about athletic recruiting in the U.S., and they helped and guided my son and us all the way with advice, both mental and technical support and introductions. AddedSport understands the process of athlete development and recruitment very well, and have a good idea of the kind of level coaches are looking out for, which helped us with our decision making. We wouldn’t have been able to get in touch with college coaches if not for them. AddedSport’s constant contact and diaglogue with the coaches and us has helped steer us to the right college. Akshay and Joe were both exceptional in their roles and made us feel very much at ease. They also encouraged and inspired Arnav all the way. We have already recommended AddedSport to a number of people. Most people in India are not aware that firms like these exist and we want them to get Addedsport’s help like we did.
Mr. and Mrs. Patodia
( Track and Field )
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