Scholars Program

Do You Have What It Takes to be an AddedSport Scholar?

Every year AddedSport welcomes a new class of AddedSport Scholars that are fully-funded clients of AddedSport. AddedSport supports their athletic development and recruitment to US colleges.

These student-athletes are highly qualified athletically and academically but cannot afford high performance training and an education in the US. Scholars are chosen based on established results in their respective sports as well as the drive and passion it takes to excel.

AddedSport provides support to these young athletes in various ways:

  • Mentoring and guidance from previous top-level athletes
  • Assistance with the college recruitment process
  • Access to the Scholars fund – a pool of capital that has been raised to support athletic progress

We encourage student-athletes to apply for this program, and we will evaluate every candidate closely.

Those interested, please send your resume and sports video to