Building Character and Grit Through Sport

Athlete Pathway

I began playing football at the age of 5. It was only until I started school did I realized that I had an affinity towards the outdoors and sport in general. Being active as a child, meant going out to play with a ball. There were a couple of times where I will play on my e own many a times just to be better at the game. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I romanced at the idea of improving my game every day – Before long, football was part of my life – it was embedded in my routine. I went from playing once a day to thrice a day – before, during and after school. I began representing the school between the years from 2002-2007 and became an integral part of my school team.

The sport of football inculcated in me values that are not taught in classrooms. Teamwork is an art that gets perfected over time and practice. Not to mention, digesting all those losses while also relishing wins – attributes of the game that frame character to one’s personality. Getting closer as a team and learning new things about one another was detrimental to our on pitch chemistry as well – another experience that cannot be learned unless actually going through it. The fond memories of representing school are some that I will always be thankful for, and I’m sure all athletes who play team sports would agree with this and cherish theirs the same way.

After playing a couple of tournaments during my college years, I suffered an injury, which recurred a year later. Being the football fanatic I was, I carried on playing for years after. Even though I could continue playing, I called it a day on playing football. I began concentrating on fitness – another passion I knew would be beneficial for any injury.


I’ve gathered multiple experiences that I see as positives that have shaped me into the individual that I am today. Having worked across both marketing and sales, I believe I am well equipped to tackle both worlds with conviction. My passion for sport was always burning, I knew I had to do justice to it. I then joined AddedSport to pursue a career that helps athletes shape their professional years ahead through an educational system known to be world class. Having been a footballer for many years, it made me realize the limitations that we face in taking our level to another league. To do that, there must be a platform that nurtures and develops talent accordingly with an experienced and well trained coaching staff. Helping individuals is something that is close to my heart. To be able to do it through sport, adding value and a meaning to those seeking better opportunities makes me happy that I am able to make their goals a reality. It is not very often you get to say that you work with some amazing talent across different sports, across Asia and in turn supporting this talent to go to the next level.

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