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AddedSport, the premier consulting company for student-athletes and their families, is the official partner of SITA Tennis Academy for College Placement Services . At SITA, it is our goal to give our players the best chances possible to study at and play for the College suited best for them. Therefore, we are excited to be able to offer a consulting service to our players that will help them on their journey of becoming a College student-athlete.

AddedSport ensures that the student-athletes understand how the interview process works, what the coaches want them to do and why the coaches want them to do it. They then take the student-athletes through the process in a hands-on approach, starting with a specifically tailored College list and market valuation all the way through their college commitment.

Akshay Maliwal, Founder/CEO of AddedSport
Akshay graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 2010 with a degree in business. While in college, Akshay conducted research on the recruiting process and realized that very few high school student-athletes were taught the necessary life skills on how to conduct a proper job interview, network, and build relationships. This need for education prompted him to develop what is now AddedSport. AddedSport was founded in 2013 as the premier consulting company in Asia for student-athletes and their families.

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