Getting to know: Jessica Lydia (Part I)

Here at AddedSport, things move fast. Really fast. In the last 1 year we’ve grown from a team of 5, to over 25 consultants spread across the globe – working with the next generation of Student-Athletes in our hubs in Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines to achieve their dreams. As we approach our first year anniversary in the Indonesian market, we took some time to sit down with Jessica Lydia, an Associate Consultant, who studied at the University of Richmond (ranked 25th in the U.S. National Liberal Arts College U.S. News Rankings) in Virginia, and played college golf.

Hi Jessica, can you tell me a little bit about yourself? What sport did you play?
Hi! I play golf, born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was in the Indonesian National Golf team prior to university.

How did you start?
I used to play tennis when I was 9 years old, under Yayuk Basuki. But I stopped playing at 14 years old, switched over to golf.

What encouraged you to switch sport?
I really loved tennis, you get to run around – it’s not a boring sport. But it is not long-term. You can’t really keep playing until 50 years old or so intensively. So my parents thought of finding me a sport that would allow me to keep playing until I’m old and stinky, and they thought of golf! And it’s pretty similar you know – switching from chess to basketball would be an extreme example. So it really was my parents who got me to start.

Was it an easy transition or you had quite sometime to like golf?
It was hard obviously. I made friends through tennis, and I’m the type of person who takes a while in adjusting to new community or environment – I’m not into changes. But I came to love golf, to the point where it definitely became a huge part of my life and decided to keep pursuing it. I turned professional after graduating from college.

Do you still play then?
Unfortunately I got injured on my ankle after less than a year doing professional golf. I was not able to walk for a good 3 weeks, had to be on crutche s and wheelchair. Unfortunately too, I cannot heal properly from it because it’s located inside my ankle, a part of your body that constantly moves. I haven’t played golf since last July in 2017, it’s been a while. And I really missed it. I’ve only hit balls 3 times this year in 2018, even then I was not able to hit more than 50 balls because it hurts my ankle. But luckily I have my degree to fall back on, because to be honest I would know what I’d be doing now.

Where did you graduate from? What did you study?
I graduated from the University of Richmond, studied Finance there. I also played for their golf team.. It’s a concept called college golf where you’re a regular student (taking classes and all), but outside that you’re an athlete competing for your school’s team against other schools – you’re a student-athlete. So this would be a really good option to a lot of student-athletes. It will allow them still play their sports, and at the same time keep pursuing education – both full time – and in the end when they graduate they have both career options of keep doing sports or work.

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