Official Partnership between AddedSport and DreamBig Events

AddedSport is proud to be the official recruitment partner of DreamBig Events. DreamBig Events is Asia’s premier college camps and tournaments firm, exposing student-athletes to various universities in US through showcase events and summer tours.

In 2015, DreamBig Events was started in Singapore to inform, guide and showcase Asian junior athletes to university coaches in the US. Some of the top colleges in the world like Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia to mention a few have successfully visited, coached and recruited Asian players.

Over the past 3 years, DreamBig Events has successfully managed to showcase more than 200 athletes in front of these universities. Each family that has completed the tours and events has felt a sense of clarity, accomplishment and a focused pathway to follow through on. How often do you get to play in front of the Harvard tennis coach? DreamBig Events is committed to making sure that all athletes participating in their events hold the highest standard of integrity, fairness, respect and good sportsmanship. Those who fail to comply will receive a suspension from participating in future events.

Families that have been introduced to DreamBig Events through AddedSport, can take advantage of a promo code being offered. Limited slots are available to AddedSport referrals so don’t wait till its too late to secure your slot.

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