The AddedSport Talent Identification Program (TIP) is a curated action plan designed for all athletes-those who want to improve their athletic performance as well as those who want to achieve the optimum academic and athletic standard for US college scholarships and admissions. AddedSport TIP is a standalone program for athletes of any age.

Under TIP, an AddedSport mentor conducts an in-depth meeting with the athlete and their family to discuss goals and preferences. Following that, the mentor creates a customized roadmap which outlines the right path for your individual success in your sport. At AddedSport, we emphasize that planning is everything but execution beats all. Under TIP, an athlete will receive guidance from a mentor who has had first-hand experience of playing a collegiate sport and has deduced the right plan for YOU to be successful athlete.

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AddedSport TIP is a standalone program with focus on

  • Gathering information about current athletic and academic standing
  • Gathering information about training schedules
  • Gathering information about weekly schedule, combining academics and training time
  • Discussion about goals and aspirations for the future
  • Discussion about college-required examinations to be taken in high school and SATs
  • Discussion about classes and courses that need to be completed

Deliverables from AddedSport

 A Case Summary with the following:

  • Customized plan that details action items on a timeline
  • Specific execution strategies to achieve goals identified
  • Advice based on athlete profile and the requirements to be a successful athlete

Mr. Wu

I would like to thank Lead Mentor, Jo Ee, for the time she spent with my daughter to evaluate her game and create a roadmap… Read more “Mr. Wu”

Mr. Wu
( Golf )

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