Mr. and Mrs. Majmudar

Being away from the US, we were not aware of college admission procedures, till AddedSport guided us very well on what we need to do, to get Yash on the right track in the past 1.5 years. Right from the onset of getting Yash’s CV and scores together, till the time of signing the National Letter of Intent with UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas), we were made aware of the procedures well in advance. We are delighted to get about a 40% scholarship for Yash at UNLV. Added Sport has the advantage of contacting the coaches since the student is in Grade 10, while NCAA rules do not allow us the same. All the coaches were very positive in their responses, due to the fact that AddedSport already had previous contacts with them. We would certainly recommend Added Sport to help gain admission through golf, into not only Division 1, but Div 2 & 3 Universities as well.