Mr. Tan Swee Siong

Sarah signed a National Letter of Intent with University of Michigan and will be enrolling in Fall of 2017, thanks to Akshay and Jo Ee, without whom the athletic aid offer may not have materialized. Throughout our engagement with AddedSport, I find them highly competent and exude confidence in their approach. Most importantly, they have excellent network and are in constant contact with the college coaches. The college recruitment process is time consuming and pressurizing, to say the least, for the ill prepared and misinformed. This is the value add AddedSport brings to the table – to cut away the time and efforts and link up the coaches directly with the student-athletes. Akshay and Jo Ee know just who and how to approach, tailoring their clients’ needs to that of the recruiting college. My only regret is Sarah should have started the process a year earlier so that she could have her college offer wrapped up when she was in grade 11 and not whilst she was in the midst of her A Levels (Grade 12) examinations, like she experienced this year. To all college bound student-athlete aspirants and their parents, I strongly recommend AddedSport.