Vietnamese Soccer Player

I am going to Marymount California University in fall 2015 to study business administration and play college soccer. I received $16,000 in academic and athletic scholarship. AddedSport cares about their clients and cater to each person’s needs. They have very good evaluation on clients’ abilities, both in academic and athletic, to give the best guidance for each person. Their mentors are very hardworking and responsible – they always get things done on time in order to help clients as fast as possible. Their contacts with the coaches are extremely useful. As an international student, it is hard to get in touch with a coach in the United States by yourself so AddedSport is there to help. They have contact with a lot of coaches so their clients will have many choices to consider and choose from. With their help, the application process is done very easily and quick they know how the system in the US works and the recruitment process. I would recommend AddedSport to anyone who plans to study and play sports in college.