What Does it Really Mean to #DreamBig ?

I grew up thinking that seeing is believing. However, 3 years into starting my own venture, AddedSport, I don’t necessarily agree with it anymore. There were a lot of things in this business that we didn’t originally see as opportunities or hurdles. But we solved problems and built a business around new opportunities as they came along. Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of uncertainties and limited visibility. The one thing entrepreneurs have to hold on to, is hope. Therefore we have to believe in our ability to execute and drive value, in order to see the path to success.

The paradigms of the world are constantly changing, and everyone, not just entrepreneurs,  need HOPE  to continuously move forward and follow their passions. To #DreamBig is to believe that you can conquer the unknown. And that holds most true for athletes. Playing a competitive tennis match or a golf tournament is filled with blind spots and no direction. You just follow your basic understanding of the game and improvise as you go along, in your perseverance for a win. Conquering the unknown is not for the faint-hearted, and most people will go through their lives fearing the unknown. That’s not realistic and that’s not game-changing.

DreamBig, because nothing should stop you from succeeding, DreamBig because you owe it to yourself to mazimize what this beautiful life has given you. DreamBig because each moment of life is the next best moment you have ever lived.

Don’t let your emotions hold you back; don’t let the negativity of the world stop you from achieving your greatest feat yet. Seeing is believing that’s for sure, but believing is also seeing. #DreamBig

– Akshay Maliwal

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